Client Testimonials

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A very thorough and accurate analysis. I felt like he really knew me personally. I highly recommend it.

Jerard Benny

I find our brethren to be especially intuitive, gifted and sincere. I believe it is his sincerity that gives him the capacity to connect as an empath and provide invaluable insights to strengthen and guide you on your path. I am most pleased with the readings he has provided and additional teachings and perspectives he freely shares on multiple platforms. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Tee Little

Ultimately,  familiar with the conceptual understanding of the birth chart, my initial goal was to seek out a legitimate maestro that would provide me with the roadmap to increase my comprehension of the idea. Therefore, when I saw that one of my frequent and trusted bloggers/thought leaders was offering a free birth chart consultation, I had no choice but to jump at the opportunity! However at first, my previous beliefs had me wary to seek out life advice, that I felt were opposite to my physical reality(Capricorn tendencies I guess haha) Nonetheless, after getting over that mental hurdle, I decided to email the consultation host Brethren Thompson, and seek some viable results. After waiting a few weeks, I promptly received the results and was in complete awe on how accurate, and applicable the results were to my life (even till this day). According to the results, one major surprise that answered many of my present struggles was my lack of air and water in my chart, which I guess explains why my hard work most of the time doesn't receive the attention or recognition it deserves. Since Air is all about communication, speech, and self-expression; they express themselves through modes of verbal and social speech (Wow it’s that easy huh!). With my chart containing a lot of earth and fire signs, I mustn't be so quick to do what's effective; it's also smart that I acknowledge the thoughts and motives of those around me because failure to do so might lead things to stray.  For example, whenever I embark on a romantic relationship, opportunity, or task, I expect people to just go along with it, rather than fully explain the reason and trivialities of my actions, which ends up squandering the opportunity at the end. Therefore, if there’s one major significant piece of advice I follow, it would be the importance of communication and the art of useful persuasion is the secret to relinquish me from my prison; expression my thoughts and beliefs in a haphazard fashion might peers and supporters be “lost in the dark”. In conclusion, containing so many planets in the 6th house provided me with a keen awareness of which aspects of my life need balance. My tendency to value work over play has come as a detriment to both my social life, and familial relationships; What I learn was too much of such activity will not only cause burn out but hypertension later in life! All in All, I felt the results were impressive and gratifying and would recommend this to anyone who is seeking out a more personal in-depth analysis on their birth chart; Also as a bonus, Brethren Thompson threw in a numerology analysis, which has also attributed to my growth and more awakening being! Good luck and  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Ernest Gordon

WOW!!! Thank you so much!!!! This just blew my mind and (almost) left me speechless!! 😅 I deeply & genuinely appreciate you taking the time to do a reading! This opened my eyes quite a bit...

Jessica Maria