The Astrology of Black Hair and Shoes

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I found this interesting. We all know how picky and finicky black people are about our hair and our shoes. In Vedic Astrology they have their own medical astrology. The 27 nakshatras align with certain body parts just like zodiac signs do. The two nakshatras that align with hair and feet and named Ardra and Mula. These are the two most destructive nakshatras in that Ardra causes pain through tears to cause change whereas Mula uproots things like weeds so that new and better things can grow. Why are we so concerned with our hair and shoes? They definitely have caused us much destruction.

We waste money on buying weaves from Asians who hate us. We waste money buying overpriced shoes from companies like Nike who don't give a shit about us and that use child labor overseas. This has definitely been a noticeable part of our destruction. Maybe it's time we got over this nonsense.

Black hair actually receives information from the cosmos because our hair curls and spirals. All other races have straight hair. The head itself is represented by Aries which is the spiritual warrior and the first sign of the zodiac. The shoes are put on our feet and the feet are represented by Pisces which is the sign of spirituality and the last sign of the zodiac.

It seems these two signs are pointing out to us that we need to stop identifying with material things and realize that these bodies are just placeholders and get back to our true spiritual selves which exist outside of this 3D illusion.

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