Does Astrology Apply The Same Way To All Races?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Most people believe that all humans have a common origin based on evolution and Darwinism but all of that has proven to be a gigantic hoax. We do not all have the same origin. There is substantial evidence that proves that the black native people of this planet have been here at least tens of thousands of years and more like hundreds of thousands. The other races have only been around about 6000 years. Astrology was invented by the indigenous of this planet. Some call them black. Some call them native. The list is long and that is done to divide that one group of people into different categories so they can be controlled more easily by the powers that be. You are either original or non-original.

That being said why would astrology apply the same way to original people as it does to the other recent races (whites, Arabs, Indians, Asians)? I have a simple theory and it may be offensive to some. The original people are solar people as in soul-ar. They worshiped the Sun because it was a symbol of their soul. We also know that stars are souls. Does that means original people should only be using sidereal astrology? Does it means the nonoriginal people should only be using tropical? A lot of testing needs to happen on that. I'll be more than happy to do some of it because I know it won't be a popular topic but I'm tired of the Kum-bah-yah people always lumping everyone into the same cosmic category. We are not the same....period....not even down the cellular level. We're all humanoids and that's about all you can say. I know there has been significant race-mixing as well but not enough that we can or should all just jump into the same genetic pool. The original genes are dominant and not going anywhere.

The last part of my untested theory is that tropical astrology may apply more to those who are arrogant, greedy, lustful, materialistic, racist, etc. Why? Because tropical only looks at the planets and doesn't really care that much about the stars aka souls. You don't really get to experience your soul until you annihilate the ego so perhaps we are all here because we have yet to complete that task. Personally I do not believe that everyone has a soul. A soul creates empathy in a person. I see people of other races all the time with absolutely zero empathy toward the suffering of people regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. Those people do not have souls....and that's a lot of people. I would guess maybe 80% of the world's population but definitely more than half.

So what does mean for astrology? We should continue to expound on what has been passed down to use from Kemet and Kush as they taught it all over the world. Stagnation is deprecation. If someone's race can be used to determine which system is more appropriate for them then that is something that will benefit all of us. We are always up against the traditionalists who are afraid of change and don't want to adjust how they do readings but that is their problem. Either we can and should move forward without them.

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